The Real Davinci Code

Are you familiar with "The Davinci Code?"

 If not,then I'll give you a brief rundown:

Basically,the idea is that the Merovingian Bloodline are the descendants of J-e-s-u-s C-h-r-i-s-t and Mary Magdalene and the Roman Catholic Church is hiding the truth.

Well...it's even more twisted than that!

It's more like,the bad guys have broken into your house and you've hid your family in the Basement,so you draw their attention to somewhere else,ie: by priming the Hall Closet with a bunch of junk you know is going to fall and create a lot of noise,so as to divert their attention away from what you don;t want them to see!

This is what the Church has done....

What I'm about to divulge to you is information that:

  • The Roman Catholic Church,aka The Vatican,Papal Rome,etc doesn't want you to know.
  • Your Pastor,or Minister would just as soon you not question Christian history and the NT
  •  Your Rabbi definitely doesn't want you to know this...."it's not important"...ah,but it is,because the best way to deal with Christianity is to cut it off at the root,ie: prove its claims false.In order to do that,the facts must be known.
A hint: "Christianity is an assumed faith -by Christians,in particular and to make matters worse Jews assume all their information about it from either Christian sources,or direct contact with Christian 'missionaries.'

Here's the secret they don't want you to know:
  1. The REAL "Rabbi from Nazareth" was a P'rushi('Pharisee') 'Ribi" named "Yehoshua",or "Yeshua" in Aramaic....There is no historical correlation/connection between this Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and the post 135 C.E.,4th century Hellenist/Roman counterfeit man-g_d image "Yeshu" set up by the Roman Church.
  2. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius (260-340 CE), recorded in his Ecclesiastical History (EH II.xxiii.4) that the "charge" over the original Jewish followers of Ribi Yәhoshua had been given over to his brother, the first Nәtzarim Paqid, Ya·aqov "ha-Tzadiq" Ben-David (Hellenized to "James the Just"). 
  1. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius also documented that the Nәtzarim excised Saul, thereafter referred to exclusively as Paul, judging him an apostate (EH III.xxvii.4; see also NT corroboration in Ma·avar 15.41 with note 15.41.0 of Appendix V in Atonement In the Biblical 'New Covenant' (ABNC). 
  2. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius further documented (EH IV.vi.3-4) that, in 135 CE, the Roman gentiles displaced the Nәtzarim by their expulsion ("ethnic cleansing") from Yәrushalayim of every Jew… which included the 15th Nәtzarim Paqid (EH IV.v.1-4) whom the Romans displaced with the first gentile "bishop," Marcus (EH V.xii.1) — the birth of the gentile Roman Church in 135 CE!!! 
  3. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius further documented (EH III.xxvii.4-6) that the original Nәtzarim accepted only the Jewish Tana"kh as Bible and only The Netzarim ("their own") Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) as an authentic account of the life and teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua, never accepting the the 2nd-4th century, heavily gentile-redacted (Greek), NT. 
  4. Oxford historian James Parkes documented (The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue) how the central misojudaic (Judaic-hating) displacement theology of the original (post-135 C.E.) Church drove the Hellenist Roman Christians to ally with the Hellenist Roman Empire in persecuting the original Nәtzarim ("Nazarenes"). The original Church insisted that the Nәtzarim were "superseded" (displaced) by the Church and, because they defied the Church's rejection ("supercession") of Torah, the Nәtzarim had become enemies of the Church and, therefore, servants of Satan – who should no longer exist. This cooperation between the earliest Christian Church, who were Hellenist Romans, and the Hellenist Roman Empire in the persecution of the Nәtzarim Jews continued until Constantine eradicated the last remnant of the Nәtzarim in 333 CE. Parkes further demonstrated that 4th-century gentile Hellenist – misojudaic – Christianity was the polar antithesis of Judaic Ribi Yәhoshua of Nazareth and his original Judaic Nәtzarim disciples.
Now before you get over the shock of all the above,I have to give you another shock,because I left one important point out.

In 34 C.E,the Hellenist Jews,who would eventually come to be know as "Evionim" in Hebrew,"Ebionaoi" in Greek,and Ebionites in English,fled to Pella  after the stoning of the apostate Greek speaking Jew,Stephanos("Stephen").This is about the same time,the apostate Greek speaking Jew,Saul of Tarsus,later known as Paul,turns up!

(Forget the flowery stories about him and Paul you've read in the book of Acts.The NT is heavily redacted and doctored by 'loyal' 'translators' in order to sell the church's 'program' and anti-Jewish version of history!)

How can you prove this -without having access to the historical documents mentioned above?

  1.  Go to http://www.netzarim.co.il -all the historically verified information is already there.
  2.  Start reading the Tanakh (esp. the Torah),in Hebrew,NOT English.There is reason for this!
  3. Get underneath the Greek and refer to the Hebrew and Aramaic used in the 1st century
  4. Reconstruct 1st century Judaism and use Torah,Tanakh,Hebrew,Aramaic and Logic to recover the real history of events.
If you'll just stop assuming everything and start doing some critical analysis,you'll discover that none of Christianity's doctrine even come from the NT and in fact,the "NT" doesn't agree with the  "OT."

Take out your Christian Bible and read Matthew 5:17,18 -EVERY word,then think about it.Then read Devarim/Deuteronomy 13:2-6....6:4 "The Shema."

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