CNN Program "Finding Jesus" Full Of Suppositions

Tonight,I tried to watch this series of programs on CNN to see if I could learn something new to add to what I have learned over the years,through realizing that the Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic terms for some things appear to mean the same in English,but,at the root they don't,example:

       "Christ" and "Mashiach."

Although they both mean "anointed one" in English,the latter refers exclusively to the messiah in Tanakh,while the former refers just like the name "Jesus(from Latin: "Iesus",Greek: "Isous",short form of "Iesous" "healer of Zeus"),refers to Greek pagan deities.

*Doesn't anybody wonder about the fact that when the Romans invaded Jerusalem and built their city Aelia Capitolina" on top of the ruins and erected their sun-deity image,they named after their deities,and the abbrevation is: "IHS" -it's on EVERY church banner -and it doesn't mean what they think it means!!!

The other problem is the fact that Eusebius,the early extant church historian(260-340 C.E.),stated in his Ecclesiastical  History that The Rabbi From Nazareth was known by the title of Ribi Yehoshua,and.more that after his death,the charge over his Netzarim talmidim was given over to his brother "Ya'acov HaTzaddik",hellenized to "James The Just."

When you also realize that in Judaism,according to Devarim(hellenized to Deuteronomy)13:2-6,no Jew,especially a Rabbi would ever have said the Torah was done away with,much less declare himself "the son of G-d",you realize that any logically thinking scholar  must ask the following questions:

  • What does Orthodox Judaism believe?
  • What is the Hebrew/Aramaic meaning of....?
  • What was the political situation?
  • What do later historians write?
  • Any there any documented clues in the regards to these first century events?
  • Is the New Testament(displacement theology term invented by Marcian!) genuine,or redacted?

Anyway...when the narrator reads the names on the ossuary,he keeps saying " James the brother of Jesus",I kept yelling "That's not what it says,dummy!You can't read!"It says: "Ya'acov Bar Yosef...."

I don't see anything wrong with Anglicization,but,it is always best to preserve the original language terms when dealing with certain subjects,but,one should also make sure that the Anglicized name DOES equal the linguistic term in that language.In this case,they don't!

This is what I mean by supposition. On all these programs,they have "professors",etc,from Christian backgrounds,rabbiting the same regurgitated stuff,never bothering to check their sources.

In other fields,if experts did this,they'd get themselves in a lot of trouble,but,in religion it's allowed,because like Columbus' discovery of America being pre dated by the Vikings,there's no sense changing history because nobody cares anyway,and,because "religion is big business(for Israel)" and money,support and votes count!

After a while it got so bad I turned it off.

May the truth be told -yet!


First Priority:Conform To Torah

Over the last few days I have  had a few emails from someone with a hard luck story to tell(not that I am down on this person in any way)and it's tough without knowing all the facts,just what to say.

But this much is certain:

Each Seeker of Truth must realize that the first priority isn't conversion,it's reorientation(to Torah)!

If you are coming from a Christian,or other Pagan background,or even coming back to being an Observant-Jew,the first task is:

  • Conforming to Torah and Orthodox-Jewish Halachah
The second task is(this could actually be the first,but,no matter,let it stand):

  • Deciding not to follow after your own Eyes and Heart.
 The third task is:
  •  Rinse and Repeat the Cycle to Perfection!
At some point,in the future,it may be possible to convert to Judaism,but,especially if it would put you in a mixed marriage(a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew,which is forbidden in the Torah),it can not be done,in which case,you will have to live as a 'righteous non-Jew'.


Profile Changed Because Of Spam

I've had to change my profile because of possible spam.

  • I changed the website to redirect posters to: http://www.netzarim.co.il
  •  I removed my MSN ID from my Blogger Profile,which I shouldn't have entered in the first place.So far,I've only had 2 questionable emails,both from women(why always women and why me?) with a sob story,confused about how to be a Netzarim and convert to Judaism,etc,and,of course,with a tale to tell.which.may,or,may not be true,seeing as the email addresses are interesting,to say the least.
  • Want to make contact?Leave a comment,or sign up as a 'friend.'


The Christian Church And Dragnet

If you are old enough to remember watching Dragnet,that popular Crime Drama from way back in the 1950s-1970s,you'll remember that Sergeant Friday(Jack Webb) always opened the program with: "The story you are about to hear is true,but the names have been changed to protect the innocent...."

Well,the old Looney Tunes had a parody of Dragnet,with Daffy Duck playing "Detective Duck Drake",where he opens the cartoon with: "The story you are about to hear is true,but the names have been changed to protect the guilty(he raises his voice at this point and spits the italicized part out in contempt!)."

At this point,you must be thinking: "Well,how is the Church involved and how and where is the relationship between it and Dragnet?"

It's purely symbolic!

Firstly,Daffy Duck's line is closer to the truth(in this case),than the original Dragnet line,in that if I had entitled this article differently,it would have been:

Operation Ecclesiastical Cover up Exposed!

What better way to discredit the Jews as a people than to paint them as the bad guys and erase all evidence of their history,twist it,contaminate it and claim it as your own -knowing that::
  • you have the power in Europe;nobody would dare to challenge you,or they and their country will be 'under an edict','declared anathema[under a curse]' ,etc.
  • Keep the Bible only in Latin,chained to the pulpit
  • Make sure that the common people stay illiterate and unlearned ,so they can't read it
  • Make  them too jaded and lazy to make the effort anyway

But.....there are always a few who will -because they have to know...for sure!

 Some,well meaning 'Simpletons' consider it 'a lack of faith' to question and look for evidence.Their motto is: "I believe the Bible and that's good enough for me."That's a whole article in itself,so I don't time to explore that one,but the truth is(especially in this day and age),all the background material you can come up with,so much the better,and many people,especially educated people,will respect you a lot more.

To put it another way: Columbus discovered America in 1492...(the same year the Jews were kicked out of Spain....Is there a relationship there,or is that just coincidence?),or did he?

Firstly,how do you discover a land that already has somebody there[read about the Caribe and other Indians and what Columbus' Spanish Conquistadors did to them[mind you,all Indian tribes had a history of oppressing each other in the same way],and on top of all that,my question is how did Roman Catholicism fit into all this?

Archaeologists say the the Vikings were actually here first,as early as 900 C.E,but some people have so accepted the well taught account that they would say: "What's the point of changing all the history books?"

Of course,if history was like George Orwell's '1984',one would just go back and 'edit' the past articles to say anything they want. His job was to 'edit' past archives of the Newspaper to agree with whatever 'those in power' were saying at the time!

I remember back in the fall of 1981,or maybe it was early 1982,when I met this guy from Jews For Jesus on the street in downtown Toronto.What he said really got me thinking and realizing: "Aha!Now,I'm onto something,except,I don't know what,or how to go about finding it out..."

He said: 'You have to remember that we Jews have been the victims of nearly 2,000 years of Ecclesiastical history and bad Bible translations,and in any case,his name wasn't Jesus,it was Yeshua."

So,I realized that like any good Reporter,I was going to have to do some deep digging to get to the bottom of this story and Watergate had nothing on this one!

Over the years,I continued to listen to various "Messianic Jews(they're 'christians',not because they believe "The Rabbi From Nazareth" is the Mashiach,but because,like the Church,they deify him and add Xtn doctrines,such as 'original sin(invented by Athanasius of Alexandria,apparently)",and "Vicarious Atonement(ca. 200 C.E. plus)" -all Greek and pagan  in their origin! )" explain and explore the "Jewish background" and "Jewish understanding" and Judaism" behind the 'story."

Each time,I came away with the thought "Something is wrong with this story and just isn't adding up!"

Suffice to say(as I found out 15 years later through The Seventh Day Adventist Church),there is nowhere in the N.T. where it says "the Law is done away with" and nowhere did "The Rabbi From Nazareth,his disciples,or Paul The Apostate,ever give any authorization for keeping Sun-g-d-day holy.

Where did they come from?

Constantine(cf. Daniel 7:25) and The Hellenist-Roman Church,aka Papal-Rome!

cf. Daniel chapter 2 and 7....re: Daniel's Fourth Beast -'an egg-laying Dragon.

In other words,Pagan Rome gave birth to,or morphed(changed shape and form,that is)into 'Papal Rome.'

Europe and the governments of the World,particularly,the western world ie:Europe,Canada,USA,Mexico,Central and South America,Australia and all the other former British Commonwealth Nations and the U.N. are the continuation and extension of that original pagan Roman Power ('Edom' ,'Esau')which would love to get rid of the Jews and Israel('Jacob') helped by Esau's descendents -Ishmael(the Arabs and Islam).

  • Witness the fact that it was the Emperor Hadrian who renamed the area of Judah/Judea and Samaria as 'Palestina."
  • Christianity started in 135 C.E.(not before)when the Romans deposed the 15th Netzarim Paqid Yehudah HaTzaddik and DISPLACED him with their own Roman gentile bishop 'Marcus' and thus began the mix of Babylonian/Egyptian/Greco/Roman pagan sun-g-d worship religion with Hellenized Judaism(Greek speaking Jews),the rise of the "Hellenist-Roman counterfeit man-g-d image" Jesus and the war against the Jews -which contines to this day.
  • In 1917,the Balfour Declaration,took land from the Ottoman Turks and doled it out to create the current Middle east map.Only 25% of that land was given to Israel,and yet,the U.N. and the other world powers(can you say 'Oil?'),since 1948 continuely press Israel into giving away land,which doesn't help because the Arabs('Palestinian' is a political label that never existed before 1948 -and the Arabs created that problem anyway)are never satisfied and have only one goal(like Hitler's): 'No more Jews,no more Israel,and Jerusalem -all ours!"
This weekend is Tisha B'Av -look it up and you'll find out that every major calamity from the destruction of the Beit HaMiqdash HaSheni(hellenized to 'Second Temple'),to the Second World War and the Shoah("Holocaust")...happened on the 9th of Av.

To make this article shorter and to get all the details of the real 1st-4th century history just go here:

Click: Christian Upgrade

Then go to the "History Museum" and read 'left to right",but you may want to read "Orthodox Judaism" and "Salvation" first.

In any event,what you will find is a very different history than the common western Ecclesiastical History('Christianity is an assumed faith').


Christianity's Pagan Roots Exposed

Christians(and even many Jews) believe('assume' is a better word)that Christianity dates back to the first century,started by 'The Rabbi From Nazareth(now,that really makes sense.')'yet the facts prove otherwise.

Why is it that so few Christians consider how Christianity and Judaism are 180 degrees different?

Christianity claims descent from Judaism -is that true?Is there documented proof?

  • There are thousands of variations in the Greek New Testament manuscripts and fragments.In fact,according to The Interpreter's Dictionary Of The Bible,there are 30,000 plus variations in the Gospel of Luke alone!
  • There are no Greek(or Aramaic)N.T. manuscript sources pre-3rd century.
  • It was the early church father and heretic Marcion who invented the terms Old and New Testament,which obviously lent  'authority' to the Hellenist-Roman church's agenda towards the Jews,namely: "Displacement Theology.'ie:the church and its people have replaced the Jews as 'the people of G-d.'
  • Eusebius(260-340) documented (EH III.xxvii.4-6) that the original Netzarim accepted only the Jewish Tana"kh as Bible and only The Netzarim ("their own") Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) as an authentic account of the life and teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua, never accepting the 2nd-4th century, heavily gentile-redacted (Greek), NT.
  • There is no historical connection between the post 135 C.E.,2nd-4th century Hellenist-Roman counterfeit man-g-d image and the real first century Rabbi,who Eusebius says was known by the title of "Ribi Yehoshua",the 'Ribi' identifying him as a Pharisee Rabbi.
  • There was no "J' in  any language until after 500 C.E..The name J-e-s-u-s and C-h-r-i-s-t  both derive from Greek pagan terms rerferring to Greek Deities -which no self-respecting Jew would ever be associated with.
  • He also stated that the Netzarim  excised Saul/Paul as an apostate from Torah and rejected his writings.
  • Eusebius said that Christianity began in 135 C.E. when the Romans deposed the 15th Netzarim Jewish Paqid,or leader,Yehudah HaTzaddik and displaced him with their own gentile Bishop Marcus...
  • He admits that the Pope fabricated a line of Popes going back to Peter(actually the church`s `Peter`doesn`t bare any resemblance to `Shimon Bar Yonah,aka: `Keifah`)...Not only that,but the Hellenist-Roman Church back-invented a first century history - which  there is NO documentation for.
Just a little logic goes a long way.

For example,what was the makeup of first century Israel( the name 'Palestina' is post 135 C.E.)?

Its central theme was Judaism(of course,it wasn't called Judaism back  then.That term came about much later)),which consisted of  Torah,Tanakh ,etc in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages.

Therefore,one must look at first century events in the context that they took place in.When one does that,it will be quickly seen that many of Christianity's doctrines,things the N.T. quotes "The Rabbi From Nazareth" as saying,are heavily-redacted('back-editted')and just don't add up.

In fact,the truth is,not only was there no Christianity before 135 C.E.,but every Christian Symbol,Sign,Doctrine,Teaching,Belief -whatever can ONLY be traced to pagan sources,ie: Babylonian Religion,Egyptian Religion,Mthraism and other similar sources.

Which will it be for you?

Will it be:

  • Torah and Tanakh -or the N.T. and Displacement Theology?
  • Daniel's 4th Beast -Pagan/Papal Rome and its 'little horn power' Constantine who 'changed times and laws(meaning 'the Moedim[feasts] and Torah')' or Torah?
  • Ribi Yehoshua/Yeshua,or "J-e-s-u-s/Yeshu?"
  • Passover,or the Roman Fertility g-ddess festival of E-a-s-t-e-r?
  • Hannuchah" or the Norse/Roman festivals that eventually became known as "C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s?"
Make your choice!


Did The Rabbi From Nazareth Start Christianity?

Firstly,as Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David of the Netzarim (R'anana,Israel),points out:

The critical point, absolutely essential to understanding these things, is this: you must stop the confusing of two polar opposites as if they are one and the same person—or the same teaching. Otherwise, all contradictions are glossed over by deferring them to an impossible oxymoron of two mutually exclusive and self-contradicting, polar-opposite arch-enemies, assuming a non-existent transition and a co-exist of intractable self-contradictions in "Jesus." (This is what allows Christians to claim "Jewishness" of "Jesus" and still identify with Christianity because, no matter how contradictory that may be, they ignore all contradictions, claiming they're still following "Jesus.")

When a Christian or Jew speaks of the post-135 C.E. Christian figures and events, you must recognize that these can only be figures and events associated with the Roman-Hellenist idol Jesus—regardless if (s)he calls it by a Hebrew name. You can call an onion a rose, but an onion by any other name… No meaningful communication can occur until you insist on consistent definitions free of intrinsic contradictions that, otherwise, propagate through any discussion.

meaning: Yehoshua,Yeshua,etc does NOT equal Jesus,or the Yeshu spoken about the in the Talmud.

*by that time,any memory of "The real Rabbi From Nazareth" had long been lost to history.

 btw: the Netzarim were Jews,NOT christians. cf: Eusebius -be aware,though that the church(maybe deliberately!)mixed up the term "Nazarenes."

It is a common belief amongst Christians that "The Rabbi From  Nazareth" started Xty.
No surprise there since:

  • "Christianity is an assumed faith."
  • The Hellenist-Roman church,c. 135 C.E.-present,Hegesippus and other 'writers' fabricated that 'history.'
This is a common belief among Jews also(there are many reasons for this),but suffice to say that Jews assume all their information about Xty from Xtn sources and direct contacts.

Using that kind of  faulty logic ,ex falso quodlibet dictates that one might just as well say that the Pope started Judaism!Disgusting,yes,but "touché" as they say in French.

The Netzarim challenge:

DOCUMENT where Orthodox Jews,suddenly overnight,woke up as 'Hellenist-Roman Xtns?"

What did Ribi Yehoshua say that shows he was a Pharisee Rabbi and that he and his disciples only knew Torah ("Netzarim [-an offshoot of the P'rushim[Pharisees]]")Judaism?

Netzarim Hebrew Matitiyahu(hellenized to "Matthew.")5:17-20:

“I didn’t come to subtract from the Torah  or the Neviim, nor to add onto the Torah  did I come. Because, rather, I came to [bring about the] complete [i.e., non-selective] observance of them in truth.

Should the heavens and the land of Israel exchange places, still, not even one י or one  of the Oral Laws of the Torah  shall so much as exchange places; toward the time when it becomes that they are all being performed — i.e., non- selectively – in full.

For whoever deletes one [point of] the Oral law of these directives from Torah, or shall teach others such, [by those in] the Realm of the heavens he shall be called ‘deleted.’ And whoever ratifies and teaches them shall be called ‘ Ribi’ in the Realm of the heavens.

 For I tell you that unless your tzedaqah [”righteousness”] is over and above that of the [Hellenist-Roman Pseudo- Tzedoqim] Codifiers of halakhah, and of the [probably Herodian-Boethusian] Perushim sect of Judaism, no way will you enter into the Realm of the heavens.”

[cf. Devarim 13:2-6 for the reason. ]

ie: what was the penalty for saying, 'the Law is done away with" or ,declaring oneself 'the son of g-d?'

Then again:

NHM 10  -you have "The Rabbi From Natzrat(hellenized to : "Nazareth.") sending his Talmidim out and giving them "minui over Rukhot" or, "authority over unclean spirits."

(look up  chapter 10 in any 'Gospel of Matthew' from the Greek(not the same,as "The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matitiyahu", btw.)

  • You can't give out 'authority' you don't already have,so we know from this and other verses that 'Ribi Yehoshua' was a P'rushi('Pharisee' from Greek: "Pharisaos")Ribi("Rabbi") who would have had his s'michah('ordination')from Gamaliel and that he sat on the Beit Din in the Beit HaMikdash HaSheni(hellenized to 'The Second Temple.").

  • He tells his disciples that he is called only to "The Lost Sheep of The House of Israel(the xlation should be "those led astray from....")" and to go only to them and not to "Samaria(Heb: 'Shomron")"...
  • what were they led astray from? -100%,non-selective Torah observance!
  • what were they led astray to: Hellenization -assimlation,linguistically and otherwise into Greco-Roman culture!

Even the late Rabbi Jacob Emden said that he believed that Ribi Yehoshua and his Talmidim were Torah-Observant Jews....right til the end!

This can also be shown from the writings of Eusebius,Josephus and others.

ie:In that the "Netzarim" survived until 333 C.E. when,sadly,they were completely and finally eradicated by Constantine -yet -Eusebius testifies that 'they only accepted the Tanakh and their own ["Netzarim"]Hebrew Matitiyahu(which all the early church fathers said they possessed!),rejected the heavily,Gentile redacted N.T.,considered Saul/Paul,an apostate from Torah and rejected his writings.

The Greek N.T. manuscripts have thousands of variations and can clearly be shown to be derived from 'Roman Syncretisms' and "corrupted stories' passed down by "Hellenized Jews."One must,then realize that the N.T. is a 'book' [back] editted over thousands of years!

In order to keep this article short,go here for details:



Who Was The Rabbi From Nazareth?

A lot of people wonder about this....but first of all,LOGIC dictates that we eliminate the ILLOGICAL.

In other words,let's get it straight as to who THE Rabbi From Nazareth was not:

  1. In Netzarim Hebrew Matitiyahu 5:17,18  Ribi Yehoshua(Aramaic: Yeshua) stated:"Don't think that I came to uproot the Torah,or the Neviim(Prophets),but rather I came to reconcile them with the Oral Law of emet." after which he stated: 'Should the Heavens and Ha Aretz exchange places,still.not even  one Yud,nor one Tittle of the Oral Law of Mosheh shall so much as exchange places;until it shall become that it is all being fully ratified and being performed non-selectively....".
  2. According to Devarim 13:2-6(hellenized to "Deuteronomy"),ANYONE who changes Hashem's commandments would be declared a False Prophet,the penalty for which was immediate stoning!
  3. THEREFORE,he couldn't have declared "the Law is done away with(that's not even in the NT!)" and neither could he have declared himself to be "the son of G-d(much less "Hashem",himself)",or allow anyone else to declare him as such -AND accept it!That would've been IDOLATRY!
  4. Ribi Yehoshua is also NOT the "Issa" of the Qu'ran who will come back to wipe out all nations in the name of Islam - but that is way beyond the scope of this article.
One important point to realize is that as stated by Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David Ha Tzaddik of The Netzarim in R'anana,Israel(the ONLY Netzarim group in the world accredited with the Orthodox beit Din in their area and the ONLY group that EXCLUSIVELY follows ORTHODOX JUDAISM and nothing else!):

The critical point, absolutely essential to understanding these things, is this: you must stop the confusing of two polar opposites as if they are one and the same person—or the same teaching. Otherwise, all contradictions are glossed over by deferring them to an impossible oxymoron of two mutually exclusive and self-contradicting, polar-opposite arch-enemies, assuming a non-existent transition and a co-exist of intractable self-contradictions in Jesus." (This is what allows Christians to claim "Jewishness" of "Jesus" and still identify with Christianity because, no matter how contradictory that may be, they ignore all contradictions, claiming they're still following "Jesus.").

To put it another way:

Ribi Yehoshua(Yeshua) DOES NOT = J-E-S-U-S!

As Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David also stated(historically verified)[paraphrased]:

"There is no historical connection between the post 135 C.E,4th century Hellenist-Roman  counterfeit man g-d image "Yeshu" created by the church and the real first century Rabbi From Natzrat(pop: "Nazareth" from the Greek) "Ribi Yehoshua(Aramaic: Yeshua)"."

It was also pointed out that all the references in the Talmud in regards to Rabbis polemically speaking out against "Yeshu" are in reference to the man g-d figure the church was portraying,NOT to the historical person,who had long been forgotten and whose 'accounts' had long been well corrupted via Roman Syncretisms and corrupted stories passed down by Hellenized Jews -in GREEK.

Since the 1st century events of BCE 007.05.29(his astronomically/computer calculated birthdate) up to his death at the hands of the Pseudo-Tzedokim and the Romans c. 30 CE,took place within the religious and cultural context of  Judaism,it is within that 'framework' that the events must be viewed!

ie:You can't look at The Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 from the point of view of The French Revolution of 1789–1799 -in another language."Context is key",somebody once said.

That means: Torah,Tanakh,Orthodox and Pharisee/Netzarim Judaism and Hallachah -in Hebrew(and/or Aramaic,a closely related sister language),NOT Greek and its Hellenist -Roman pagan culture and perspective!

After having done that,it will be discovered that the Christian Church(aka: the Hellenist-Roman Church) changed the story to suit its own ends and many contradictions come to light.ie: Christianity and all of its doctrines,symbols,its 'messiah',etc did NOT come from Judaism.Upsurpation,stealing and twisting Judaism's Bible and Ribi Yehoshua's sayings,life highlights and character would be a valid charge,though.

In NHM chapter 1,Ribi Yehoshua's historical Yukhasin(genealogical) record is found (along with Ky-Lu 3:23,which scholars believe was all part of the same record,originally.),which despite claims to fakery,is accurate as well as being the ONLY surviving record from the House of David!

NHM 2:1 states: "When Yehoshua was born in Beit-Lekhem ,Yehudah,Israel in the days of melekh Herod the Great..."

Scholars agree that Herod The Great lived from around 73 BCE to c. 4 BCE.It is also known that according to astronomical,computer data and other information,Yehoshua was born 007.05.29 BCE.

Where did live and minister from?:

NHM 4:13: "Having left Natzrat(pop:Nazareth),having come,he dwelled in K'far Nakhum (pop: Capernaum)."

In reading NHM chapters 3-5 and following accounts it can be clearly seen from his discourses that he was a Jew and in chapter 8 when 'a Captain in the Roman Army' came to him for help because his servant was sick,he not only calls him "Adoni(My lord,or sir")",but pays him great honour and respect,thereby showing not only himself to be either a Jew,or Geir,but that Ribi Yehoshua ws obviously a Rabbi.

In NHM chapter10 he gives his Talmidim 'minui  over rukhot of tamei' and tells  to care for all kinds of diseases and sickesses.

In reading the account of his sending them forth to 'those led astray from The House of Israel(he told them he was only called thusly and that they weren't to go to "Shomron(Samaria)")',it is obvious that he was a Rabbi,because no one can delegate 'authority' they don't already have.He would have received his S'michah from Gamliel.

*compared to the standard Greek 'Gospel of Matthew' ,it is obvious he is sending his disciples out to call Jews back to '100% non-selective Torah observance' and to establish Batei-Dins and 'Synagogues(Batei-Knesset)" NOT Christianity and churches!Nor was he making 'christians".In fact,since Eusebius stated that 'Christianity started in 135 CE when the Romans DEPOSED the 15th Netzarim Jewish Paqid Yehudah HaTzaddik.....",in 29 CE,when the above events took place,nobody would have even heard of Xty!

In fact,one of the Netzarim challenges in the book "Who Are the Netzarim" is (paraphrased): "DOCUMENT where and when Orthodox Jews went to sleep one night and woke up as sun-g-d worshipping christians the next morning?"

The truth is: Christianity is an assumed faith,just like 'the theory of evolution.'It takes more faith to believe in Evolution,than it does to believe in Creation Science and,simarly,nobody questions the NT they're reading -and yet -there is NO manscript evidence preceding the 2nd century,but a lot of historical evidence by Eusebius,Josphephus,Jerome and others that help us to piece together a VERY DIFFERENT account than the "Ecclestiastical Spin" that the western world has bought for over 2,000 years!