Who Was The Rabbi From Nazareth?

A lot of people wonder about this....but first of all,LOGIC dictates that we eliminate the ILLOGICAL.

In other words,let's get it straight as to who THE Rabbi From Nazareth was not:

  1. In Netzarim Hebrew Matitiyahu 5:17,18  Ribi Yehoshua(Aramaic: Yeshua) stated:"Don't think that I came to uproot the Torah,or the Neviim(Prophets),but rather I came to reconcile them with the Oral Law of emet." after which he stated: 'Should the Heavens and Ha Aretz exchange places,still.not even  one Yud,nor one Tittle of the Oral Law of Mosheh shall so much as exchange places;until it shall become that it is all being fully ratified and being performed non-selectively....".
  2. According to Devarim 13:2-6(hellenized to "Deuteronomy"),ANYONE who changes Hashem's commandments would be declared a False Prophet,the penalty for which was immediate stoning!
  3. THEREFORE,he couldn't have declared "the Law is done away with(that's not even in the NT!)" and neither could he have declared himself to be "the son of G-d(much less "Hashem",himself)",or allow anyone else to declare him as such -AND accept it!That would've been IDOLATRY!
  4. Ribi Yehoshua is also NOT the "Issa" of the Qu'ran who will come back to wipe out all nations in the name of Islam - but that is way beyond the scope of this article.
One important point to realize is that as stated by Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David Ha Tzaddik of The Netzarim in R'anana,Israel(the ONLY Netzarim group in the world accredited with the Orthodox beit Din in their area and the ONLY group that EXCLUSIVELY follows ORTHODOX JUDAISM and nothing else!):

The critical point, absolutely essential to understanding these things, is this: you must stop the confusing of two polar opposites as if they are one and the same person—or the same teaching. Otherwise, all contradictions are glossed over by deferring them to an impossible oxymoron of two mutually exclusive and self-contradicting, polar-opposite arch-enemies, assuming a non-existent transition and a co-exist of intractable self-contradictions in Jesus." (This is what allows Christians to claim "Jewishness" of "Jesus" and still identify with Christianity because, no matter how contradictory that may be, they ignore all contradictions, claiming they're still following "Jesus.").

To put it another way:

Ribi Yehoshua(Yeshua) DOES NOT = J-E-S-U-S!

As Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David also stated(historically verified)[paraphrased]:

"There is no historical connection between the post 135 C.E,4th century Hellenist-Roman  counterfeit man g-d image "Yeshu" created by the church and the real first century Rabbi From Natzrat(pop: "Nazareth" from the Greek) "Ribi Yehoshua(Aramaic: Yeshua)"."

It was also pointed out that all the references in the Talmud in regards to Rabbis polemically speaking out against "Yeshu" are in reference to the man g-d figure the church was portraying,NOT to the historical person,who had long been forgotten and whose 'accounts' had long been well corrupted via Roman Syncretisms and corrupted stories passed down by Hellenized Jews -in GREEK.

Since the 1st century events of BCE 007.05.29(his astronomically/computer calculated birthdate) up to his death at the hands of the Pseudo-Tzedokim and the Romans c. 30 CE,took place within the religious and cultural context of  Judaism,it is within that 'framework' that the events must be viewed!

ie:You can't look at The Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 from the point of view of The French Revolution of 1789–1799 -in another language."Context is key",somebody once said.

That means: Torah,Tanakh,Orthodox and Pharisee/Netzarim Judaism and Hallachah -in Hebrew(and/or Aramaic,a closely related sister language),NOT Greek and its Hellenist -Roman pagan culture and perspective!

After having done that,it will be discovered that the Christian Church(aka: the Hellenist-Roman Church) changed the story to suit its own ends and many contradictions come to light.ie: Christianity and all of its doctrines,symbols,its 'messiah',etc did NOT come from Judaism.Upsurpation,stealing and twisting Judaism's Bible and Ribi Yehoshua's sayings,life highlights and character would be a valid charge,though.

In NHM chapter 1,Ribi Yehoshua's historical Yukhasin(genealogical) record is found (along with Ky-Lu 3:23,which scholars believe was all part of the same record,originally.),which despite claims to fakery,is accurate as well as being the ONLY surviving record from the House of David!

NHM 2:1 states: "When Yehoshua was born in Beit-Lekhem ,Yehudah,Israel in the days of melekh Herod the Great..."

Scholars agree that Herod The Great lived from around 73 BCE to c. 4 BCE.It is also known that according to astronomical,computer data and other information,Yehoshua was born 007.05.29 BCE.

Where did live and minister from?:

NHM 4:13: "Having left Natzrat(pop:Nazareth),having come,he dwelled in K'far Nakhum (pop: Capernaum)."

In reading NHM chapters 3-5 and following accounts it can be clearly seen from his discourses that he was a Jew and in chapter 8 when 'a Captain in the Roman Army' came to him for help because his servant was sick,he not only calls him "Adoni(My lord,or sir")",but pays him great honour and respect,thereby showing not only himself to be either a Jew,or Geir,but that Ribi Yehoshua ws obviously a Rabbi.

In NHM chapter10 he gives his Talmidim 'minui  over rukhot of tamei' and tells  to care for all kinds of diseases and sickesses.

In reading the account of his sending them forth to 'those led astray from The House of Israel(he told them he was only called thusly and that they weren't to go to "Shomron(Samaria)")',it is obvious that he was a Rabbi,because no one can delegate 'authority' they don't already have.He would have received his S'michah from Gamliel.

*compared to the standard Greek 'Gospel of Matthew' ,it is obvious he is sending his disciples out to call Jews back to '100% non-selective Torah observance' and to establish Batei-Dins and 'Synagogues(Batei-Knesset)" NOT Christianity and churches!Nor was he making 'christians".In fact,since Eusebius stated that 'Christianity started in 135 CE when the Romans DEPOSED the 15th Netzarim Jewish Paqid Yehudah HaTzaddik.....",in 29 CE,when the above events took place,nobody would have even heard of Xty!

In fact,one of the Netzarim challenges in the book "Who Are the Netzarim" is (paraphrased): "DOCUMENT where and when Orthodox Jews went to sleep one night and woke up as sun-g-d worshipping christians the next morning?"

The truth is: Christianity is an assumed faith,just like 'the theory of evolution.'It takes more faith to believe in Evolution,than it does to believe in Creation Science and,simarly,nobody questions the NT they're reading -and yet -there is NO manscript evidence preceding the 2nd century,but a lot of historical evidence by Eusebius,Josphephus,Jerome and others that help us to piece together a VERY DIFFERENT account than the "Ecclestiastical Spin" that the western world has bought for over 2,000 years!