First Priority:Conform To Torah

Over the last few days I have  had a few emails from someone with a hard luck story to tell(not that I am down on this person in any way)and it's tough without knowing all the facts,just what to say.

But this much is certain:

Each Seeker of Truth must realize that the first priority isn't conversion,it's reorientation(to Torah)!

If you are coming from a Christian,or other Pagan background,or even coming back to being an Observant-Jew,the first task is:

  • Conforming to Torah and Orthodox-Jewish Halachah
The second task is(this could actually be the first,but,no matter,let it stand):

  • Deciding not to follow after your own Eyes and Heart.
 The third task is:
  •  Rinse and Repeat the Cycle to Perfection!
At some point,in the future,it may be possible to convert to Judaism,but,especially if it would put you in a mixed marriage(a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew,which is forbidden in the Torah),it can not be done,in which case,you will have to live as a 'righteous non-Jew'.


Profile Changed Because Of Spam

I've had to change my profile because of possible spam.

  • I changed the website to redirect posters to: http://www.netzarim.co.il
  •  I removed my MSN ID from my Blogger Profile,which I shouldn't have entered in the first place.So far,I've only had 2 questionable emails,both from women(why always women and why me?) with a sob story,confused about how to be a Netzarim and convert to Judaism,etc,and,of course,with a tale to tell.which.may,or,may not be true,seeing as the email addresses are interesting,to say the least.
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