The Christian Church And Dragnet

If you are old enough to remember watching Dragnet,that popular Crime Drama from way back in the 1950s-1970s,you'll remember that Sergeant Friday(Jack Webb) always opened the program with: "The story you are about to hear is true,but the names have been changed to protect the innocent...."

Well,the old Looney Tunes had a parody of Dragnet,with Daffy Duck playing "Detective Duck Drake",where he opens the cartoon with: "The story you are about to hear is true,but the names have been changed to protect the guilty(he raises his voice at this point and spits the italicized part out in contempt!)."

At this point,you must be thinking: "Well,how is the Church involved and how and where is the relationship between it and Dragnet?"

It's purely symbolic!

Firstly,Daffy Duck's line is closer to the truth(in this case),than the original Dragnet line,in that if I had entitled this article differently,it would have been:

Operation Ecclesiastical Cover up Exposed!

What better way to discredit the Jews as a people than to paint them as the bad guys and erase all evidence of their history,twist it,contaminate it and claim it as your own -knowing that::
  • you have the power in Europe;nobody would dare to challenge you,or they and their country will be 'under an edict','declared anathema[under a curse]' ,etc.
  • Keep the Bible only in Latin,chained to the pulpit
  • Make sure that the common people stay illiterate and unlearned ,so they can't read it
  • Make  them too jaded and lazy to make the effort anyway

But.....there are always a few who will -because they have to know...for sure!

 Some,well meaning 'Simpletons' consider it 'a lack of faith' to question and look for evidence.Their motto is: "I believe the Bible and that's good enough for me."That's a whole article in itself,so I don't time to explore that one,but the truth is(especially in this day and age),all the background material you can come up with,so much the better,and many people,especially educated people,will respect you a lot more.

To put it another way: Columbus discovered America in 1492...(the same year the Jews were kicked out of Spain....Is there a relationship there,or is that just coincidence?),or did he?

Firstly,how do you discover a land that already has somebody there[read about the Caribe and other Indians and what Columbus' Spanish Conquistadors did to them[mind you,all Indian tribes had a history of oppressing each other in the same way],and on top of all that,my question is how did Roman Catholicism fit into all this?

Archaeologists say the the Vikings were actually here first,as early as 900 C.E,but some people have so accepted the well taught account that they would say: "What's the point of changing all the history books?"

Of course,if history was like George Orwell's '1984',one would just go back and 'edit' the past articles to say anything they want. His job was to 'edit' past archives of the Newspaper to agree with whatever 'those in power' were saying at the time!

I remember back in the fall of 1981,or maybe it was early 1982,when I met this guy from Jews For Jesus on the street in downtown Toronto.What he said really got me thinking and realizing: "Aha!Now,I'm onto something,except,I don't know what,or how to go about finding it out..."

He said: 'You have to remember that we Jews have been the victims of nearly 2,000 years of Ecclesiastical history and bad Bible translations,and in any case,his name wasn't Jesus,it was Yeshua."

So,I realized that like any good Reporter,I was going to have to do some deep digging to get to the bottom of this story and Watergate had nothing on this one!

Over the years,I continued to listen to various "Messianic Jews(they're 'christians',not because they believe "The Rabbi From Nazareth" is the Mashiach,but because,like the Church,they deify him and add Xtn doctrines,such as 'original sin(invented by Athanasius of Alexandria,apparently)",and "Vicarious Atonement(ca. 200 C.E. plus)" -all Greek and pagan  in their origin! )" explain and explore the "Jewish background" and "Jewish understanding" and Judaism" behind the 'story."

Each time,I came away with the thought "Something is wrong with this story and just isn't adding up!"

Suffice to say(as I found out 15 years later through The Seventh Day Adventist Church),there is nowhere in the N.T. where it says "the Law is done away with" and nowhere did "The Rabbi From Nazareth,his disciples,or Paul The Apostate,ever give any authorization for keeping Sun-g-d-day holy.

Where did they come from?

Constantine(cf. Daniel 7:25) and The Hellenist-Roman Church,aka Papal-Rome!

cf. Daniel chapter 2 and 7....re: Daniel's Fourth Beast -'an egg-laying Dragon.

In other words,Pagan Rome gave birth to,or morphed(changed shape and form,that is)into 'Papal Rome.'

Europe and the governments of the World,particularly,the western world ie:Europe,Canada,USA,Mexico,Central and South America,Australia and all the other former British Commonwealth Nations and the U.N. are the continuation and extension of that original pagan Roman Power ('Edom' ,'Esau')which would love to get rid of the Jews and Israel('Jacob') helped by Esau's descendents -Ishmael(the Arabs and Islam).

  • Witness the fact that it was the Emperor Hadrian who renamed the area of Judah/Judea and Samaria as 'Palestina."
  • Christianity started in 135 C.E.(not before)when the Romans deposed the 15th Netzarim Paqid Yehudah HaTzaddik and DISPLACED him with their own Roman gentile bishop 'Marcus' and thus began the mix of Babylonian/Egyptian/Greco/Roman pagan sun-g-d worship religion with Hellenized Judaism(Greek speaking Jews),the rise of the "Hellenist-Roman counterfeit man-g-d image" Jesus and the war against the Jews -which contines to this day.
  • In 1917,the Balfour Declaration,took land from the Ottoman Turks and doled it out to create the current Middle east map.Only 25% of that land was given to Israel,and yet,the U.N. and the other world powers(can you say 'Oil?'),since 1948 continuely press Israel into giving away land,which doesn't help because the Arabs('Palestinian' is a political label that never existed before 1948 -and the Arabs created that problem anyway)are never satisfied and have only one goal(like Hitler's): 'No more Jews,no more Israel,and Jerusalem -all ours!"
This weekend is Tisha B'Av -look it up and you'll find out that every major calamity from the destruction of the Beit HaMiqdash HaSheni(hellenized to 'Second Temple'),to the Second World War and the Shoah("Holocaust")...happened on the 9th of Av.

To make this article shorter and to get all the details of the real 1st-4th century history just go here:

Click: Christian Upgrade

Then go to the "History Museum" and read 'left to right",but you may want to read "Orthodox Judaism" and "Salvation" first.

In any event,what you will find is a very different history than the common western Ecclesiastical History('Christianity is an assumed faith').