Jewish Tradition vs Christian Tradition

When I say that word,I can hear Tevye from "Fiddler On The Roof" singing and shouting the word TRADITION,because everything was changing,ie: his daughter Tzeitel didn't want to marry Lazer Wolf the Butcher(really....can you blame her?She was only 20 and he was 75!!!),she wanted to marry Motel the tailor,her childhood sweetheart,but that wasn't how things were done,because marriages were supposed to be 'arranged" ,usually by the village matchmaker,the old Yenta- for a fee,of course!

Anyway,there are good traditions and there are bad traditions.

This is about a bad one.

Just like Christianity is an assumed faith,Judaism has assumed some 'historical' and 'linguistic' traditions that are just plain not true,yet when one tries to point out the unadulterated facts(see below),there are Jews who willfully refuse to acknowledge these facts -all in the name of protecting Judaism from Christianty....by holding onto falsehoods?

Are the Rabbis of Judaism today's "false Shepherds" spoken of by Yehezchel the Navi(prophet)(hellenized to "Ezekiel")?

I think so!

btw: all Jewish information(yes,including that on the Encyclopedia Judaica website) about Christianity comes from either Christian sources and/or contact with Christian missionaries(btw: "messianic" Jews are also Christians!)which is ALL assumed(to be true) and therefore invalid.

In "Who Are The Netzarim " by Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David a few  of the "Netzarim Challenges" are:

"Document,where these religious and Torah-observant Jews in the pre-135 CE Jewish community-as Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT describes the 1st century Jewish community-suddenly,and with no transition,or record of the event,abandoned their beit k'nesset and Torah teachings?"

"Document where and when such strict Torâh-observant religious Jews turned 180° against their native religion overnight, with no record of any transition at all, to follow Hellenist Roman paganism? This requires a magical "Poof!" to explain – one night they all went to bed as Torâh-observant Jews and, "Poof!" they awoke the next morning as a gentile, pagan, misojudaic Church completely dependent upon Displacement Theology! "
Here are the facts:

"Jewish Tradition" has confused many Jews,namely in the following areas:

  1. נְצָרִים (Netzarim [Jews])נזיר(Nazir-Nazerite Vow) and נָצְרִים (Notzrim,Natzrim-Christians)come from 3 completely different roots,yet many blur 2 of them and some even all three,and worse,refuse to accept correction!Many are ignorant of the historical facts.ie: one church official stating "the Nazarenes" were keeping some of the church's 'beliefs"(while keeping some of their Jewish beliefs) is obviously NOT the נְצָרִים since Eusebius documented that they were eradicated by 333 CE for refusing to compromise Torah.Sounds like a twist on the early church's belief of "everybody's a heretic-except them",only in this case from a Jewish point of view: 'they're all Xtns!"
The historical and linguistic facts disagree with Jewish Tradition.

3)Another common misconception is that Xty started in ie: 20 CE by "J-e-s-u-s" and that believing in ANY 1st century messiah is XTY!

Even the Talmud disagrees with that erroneous statement!

4)J-e-s-u-s.... and רבי יהושע(Ribi[ONLY P'rushi/Pharisee Rabbis held that title!]Yehoshua) are the same person.

Logically,not possible,since the two were/are vastly different in character.The first was an invention of the Hellenist/Roman post 135 C.E. church and is supposed to have 'done away with the law(that doctrine is not even in the heavily redacted NT-quite the opposite,in fact)" and the second,a 1st century Pro-Torah Pharisee rabbi(a man,no less) named "Yehoshua."

Details here: http://www.netzarim.co.il

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